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A Calorie Counter's Community

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Welcome to Count Me In, a calorie-counter's community. There are rules, so please read them before joining, and adhere to them, as I don't want to have to go back to delete posts. Thanks!


1) Posting works as follows: for posts that simply record your own personal calories, please only post once a week and then for the days that follow the first day of that week, record your calories as comments.

2) Your first post in the community should be a part of your first weekly post, and should include the following information:

i. Name, age and location (location/age optional)
ii. Stats (which include height, highest weight, lowest weight, current weight and goal weight.)
iii. Specify whether or not you want people to comment on your posts, and please make this bold.
iv. Any diets/exercise programs you are currently on (also optional).

3) You can definitely make separate posts relating to dieting and calorie-counting, as well as anything else you find to be relevent.

4) Please be respectful of people who do not wish for you to comment on their weekly posts!

5) The point of this format is so that we don't get a ton of people posting a bunch of numbers every day. However, I know that not everyone updates daily. So you can include your calories for a limitless number of days on your first post of the week. However, if it gets to be long, please use the LJ-CUT TAG.

6) Progress pictures are welcome, but please keep them a reasonable size.

Thanks for reading all that, everyone!

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