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Since July 6th till today, i have consumed no more than 900 calories in all. Tomorrow (July 12th) I will start to put my body into a state of ketosis for 28 days. I understand that this means that nothing is to enter my body except 10 to 12 glasses of cold water, and a mutli vitamin every day.
I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with this, and i would love any comments, or feed back that you could give me.
thankyou so much in advance.
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Are you doing a water-fast then?

If so, I wouldn't reccomend a full 28 days. Beyond fifteen days the body begins to shut down into 'starvation mode' rather than registering itself in 'fasting mode' which is when you really lose the weight (fat is used, rather than muscle-tissue at this stage.)
However, if you really do feel the need to go for twenty-eight days without food, a juice-fast would be generally more safer and benificial.

(p.s. have you had experience with going without food before? If so, how long?)